Friday, October 21, 2011

China: Yue Yue dies, 18 brain dead, 1 Samaritan

BY Stephanie Ealy

Yue Yue, a two-year-old toddler who was run over on Oct. 14 by two vans, then ignored by 18 individuals passing by, lost her life today, according to hospital officials.

"Yue Yue died of systemic organ failure," a hospital spokesman said, as reported by The Sydney Morning Herald.
As sweet little Wang Yue (nicknamed Yue Yue) died in a hospital bed, the event that put her there continues to create buzz around the world. The same questions float back and forth across the internet from news sites, blogs to social networking venues.

Why did 18 people ignore a little toddler bleeding in the road after being run over twice?

What is wrong with the others who drove, rode or walked past her?

Why did only a simple scrap scavenger stop and pull her to safety?

When I showed the video to my college aged son, he asked, "Is that real? Why didn't they stop? That wouldn't happen like that here, right?"

In a perfect world, all those people would team up to help the bleeding toddler--all of them would be participating in the rescue effort of the little girl. But that's not how it happened at all...

After a parade of others passed, after being run over by two vans, she was ignored--as if Yue Yue were a piece of trash in the road. But one woman did stop. One woman was alarmed. One woman took action.

Her name: Chen Xianmei. She rushes into the scene, stops, and moves the baby to safety while calling out for assistance. After several others were too busy or careless to give "the piece of trash" a second thought, the "trash" collector sees that she has value--that she is a human being.

Xianmei recognizes that Yue Yue is not a piece of trash at all--she is a person bleeding in the road--she is a two-year-old baby who was just run over by two vans.

It is like a piece of fiction, like a metaphor, an allegory--a drama meant to teach others about the villains who ignored Yue Yue--the perfect example of: "What not to do..."

But it's not a drama, it's real life...

Over a week later, Yue Yue lost the fight for her life...for a week she layed in an intensive care unit. She was completely assisted by life support, with minuscule activity showing in her brain.

Now she is the one playing out the drama, now Yue Yue becomes the metaphor, the story, the parallel...her lifeless brain is a perfect example of the brain and heart activity of those driving the vans that ran her down and the passers by--minuscule, now nothing.

They are the brain dead, they are the walking dead...Yue Yue was the slaughtered lamb.

Now the Good Samaritan, a 58-year-old scrap collector, is being congratulated, lifted up, offered money--she gets the spotlight. Rightfully so, she is the perfect example of: "What to do..."

"I didn't think of anything at the time," Xienmei said. "I just wanted to save the girl," as reported by CNN News. But the Good Samaritan could not ultimately save Yue Yue...

"Granny Chen represents the best of human nature," Yue Yue's mom, Qu Feifei, said about the Good Samaritan. "It's the nicest and most natural side of us."

As the global outrage continues, other Good Samaritans are stepping up and giving money and gifts to Yue Yue's family.

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